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Eric on people who are mean to animals. 

Well, if he wasn’t at least a vegetarian then idk man… I mean Hitler was so….

Also humans are mammals, so once again… what


"Columbine High School’s prom took place on the night of April 17th. Someone had scratched out the date ‘April 17’ on several prom posters at the school and written in its place, ’April 20 - It’s coming.’”

I bet all the stoners who skipped school that day are forever thankful for weed.


Top picture: Last person; Eric Harris

Second Picture: Second person on the row; Dylan Klebold

Third picture; second picture John Savage

Fourth Picture: first person; Valeen Schurr

Fifth PIcture: Second on the 5th row: Cassie Bernall

Sixth Picture: first row, Second Picture: Corey Depooter

Seventh picture second row, second person: Patrick Ireland

(assuming that’s his sister next to him, as that’s not a common last name, but I don’t know much about the victims, sadly.)

8th picture: last row, fifth picture: Rachel scott

9th picture: Richard castaldo wasn’t in the year book.

10th: Kelly Felming; fifth row fourth picture

I’ll add more if anyone cares; if not this too way too long.

Sorry if there’s any messups, I’m kinda drunk

My First Hand Account of April 20, 1999 (Massacre at Columbine High School)


The account of the Columbine High School shooting by a man that was there that day. He has given me permission to share this here.

Hello. My name is Ryan Bigley and I’m a graduate of Columbine High School (Class of ‘02). Even though I’m now out of high school, I would still like to see a world…

Holy shit, this is a horrifying post.

People say “You shouldn’t be so different” to me, and 1st I say fuck you, don’t tell me what I should and shouldn’t be, and 2nd mother fuckers different is good. I don’t want to be anything like you or anyone which is almost impossible this day with all the little shits trying to be “original-copycats”

Eric Harris (Famous Quotes)

Mom: Who are those two boys pictures on your wall?

Me: ... Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold.

Mom: Those names sound familiar, what are they from?

Me: This boy group called The Trenchcoat Mafia

Sorry, not sorry


Okay hey so I know that we’re all “columbiners” and shit, and I really don’t want to start up a fight or anything.

But if you look past understanding them, and sympathizing and empathizing with them, has it ever occurred to you that Eric and Dylan were in fact complete assholes?

I mean they…


Eric and Dylan smoking

Dylan doesn’t look like he’s actually inhaling the cigarette though lol